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Find A Friend 2010 (the event results)
Find A Friend is a third annual event which is held by Animal Help League. Usually it starts in
the beginning of May and ends in October. It takes place in Shevchenko's Park right in front of the
Zoo entrance. This event has several goals:
to find homes for stray and abandoned animals;
to provide pet owners with coupons on a low cost spay/neuter surgeries for their animals;
to raise funds(since Animal Help League is an independant nonprofit organization that recieves
no federal or local funding, we rely solely on donations from our supporters);
to educate the community and to explain that spaying and neutering is the most effective way to
stop the tragedy of pet overpopulation in Kharkov and in Ukraine.

Many people know about Find A Friend and recommend it to others as the best place to get a pet,
because here all animals have recieved a pre-adoption vet exam and vaccinations. All our four-legged
"participants" have their sad stories:some were stray, some were abandoned, some were thrown
away by animal black market dealers and some were even found in tied garbage bags and in sealed

This year during Find A Friend on Pet's Day we held another event a Memorial Picture Gallery
dedicated to animals who survived after men's cruelty and to those who didn't.This event made a big
splash in public.People stopped, looked at the animal photos, read their sad and happy stories,
some even cried and asked questions. And all of them realized that number of sad and happy
stories depended on each of us! Now Memorial Picture Gallery is an integral part of every event held
by Animal Help League.

During Find A Friend many great and interesting things happened. Once three teenagers brought a tiny
kitten in a shoe box. On the bottom of the box they wrote "Please help us to save this little girl! Her
name is Legkolapka. Her cruel ex-owners literally kicked her out of their house! She needs a new
home very badly! Please help! Don't let her die! Later we found out that the girls'd become witnesses
of how a man kicked a tiny furry ball out of his apartment. Friends decided to save that poor scared
animal by finding her a new home and brought her to Find A Friend. At that same day kitty found a
loving home. It's a good example of how even children can change someone's life for better. Another
time a whole jazz band came to Find A Friend with a puppy. They'd been on a tour in our town and
found a homeless puppy( they named him Jazz). But the band had to leave in a couple days and
didn't know what to do with a little fellow. Find A Friend was the only chance for them to find an
owner for Jazz in such a short period of time. And the owner was found! Jazz went to a new home
and the band got back on their tour.

We're proud to report that this season we set a record in finding new homes for animals! We believe
the amazing results were due,in part, to the incredible weather. Find A Friend lasted till 14th of
November this year. Among the 120 animals placed into new homes this season, 71 were kittens and
49 were puppies!

With the support of Mass Media, more and more people get to know about Find A Friend. And what is
more important that people know-when you get an animal at Find A Friend, you don't just get a pet but
also save someone's life!